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Online Giving Platforms: Friend or Foe?

Posted by S. Townshend on Dec 19, 2016 10:43:19 AM



Micro Giving, Online Giving Platforms, & the Rise of GoFundMe

The die is cast!

Online Giving Platforms have changed the game for raising money online.

In the Non Profit Space there has been significant debate around whether or not platforms like GoFundMe are an ally or the enemy. Regardless of where you stand the reality is that they are part of and are shaping the new reality for online giving. The numbers do speak for themselves, to date GoFundMe has raised 3 Billion dollars, yep that’s 9 Zeros my friend.

Rather than hash out the pros and cons, let us direct our thoughts to the outcomes and outputs that Online Giving Platforms produce. What I like to call Micro Giving, essentially the process of peers sharing a micro cause or situation with other peers, and using their influence to make others aware, care and give as a result.

There is no doubt that the campaigns that NPO’s run to raise larger dollar amounts are fantastic and that the money is able to be put towards resources that create meaningful impact.

It is tried, true, tested!

Giving Communities a Voice

Micro Giving does something different. It gives a voice and channels the passion of the everyday person to fill small goals or needs, e.g. a shopkeeper's window is broken because of a demonstration that became aggressive.

Someone sees the pain and the need and starts an Online Giving Campaign to raise enough to pay for the repairs.

The exponential effect of the internet takes hold and someone that has never been to that town or met that store owner is moved and gives $10 dollars towards the cause. Micro Causes with Micro Solutions, that are changing the world as we know it one Micro Contribution at a time.

Like most solutions fundraising requires a combination of techniques executed well by organizations and people that have a passion for their cause. To quote MS. Penniman, a Spokeswoman for the Red Cross, “In most large disasters, there are usually more needs than any one organization can meet”.

Online Giving Platforms allow individuals to have a voice and take action. They also allow individuals to raise money for an area, cause or goal that they specifically care about.

Despite any speculation or controversy Online Giving Platforms like GoFundMe, CauseVox, and mGive put digital power in the hands of the people!

Let’s go change the world together.

Thank you & be well,

S. Townshend

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