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Mobile Text Campaigns Ideas for Your End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Oct 2, 2013 11:17:00 AM

End of Year Giving

Fall is rapidly approaching and you are probably busy finalizing your end-of-year giving plans. Have you considered using mobile as a way to tie it all together?

The first thing many people think about when it comes to mobile is text donations.  Mobile can indeed be used to ask donors for contributions but limiting mobile to that narrow role is like using the Internet just for email.  The Internet has many uses – and so does mobile. 

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mSpiration: Use Social Media to Drive Donors to Your Text Donation Campaigns.

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Aug 15, 2013 2:40:00 PM

social media donationsYour Latest mSpiration- Quick mobile ideas to mSpire your nonprofit organization to change the world one text at a time.

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mSpiration: American Humanist Association Partners with mGive to Evolve Fundraising Strategy and Find New Donors.

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Aug 1, 2013 7:57:00 AM

Social Media ROIYour Latest mSpiration: Quick mobile ideas to mSpire your nonprofit organization to change the world--one text at a time.

Problem: Only 9% of nonprofits using Facebook can measure a return on investment, according to the 2012 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report.


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Secretary Clinton: Text Donations for Pakistan Relief

Posted by mGive Team on May 19, 2009 8:44:00 AM

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a pledge of $100 million in humanitarian support for Pakistan. The aid is for the 1.2 million Pakistani civilians displaced by recent fighting in the Swat Valley.  In addition, she discussed a new way for Americans to help the relief effort through a text message donation campaign powered by Mobile Accord's mGive.  The SMS donation campaign asks supporters to text message the keyword SWAT to 20222 to donate $5.

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Keep a Child Alive Conducts First Nationwide Prime Time Mobile Giving Call to Action During "American Idol";

Posted by mGive Team on May 14, 2009 6:29:00 AM

For Immediate Release
Contact: Janet Staihar

Keep a Child Alive Conducts First Nationwide Prime Time Mobile Giving Call to Action During "American Idol"

LOS ANGELES -Twelve-time Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys' appearance on FOX's "American Idol" Wednesday night (May 13) raised an astonishing
$450,000 from more than 90,000 mobile donors who texted their donations. Keep a Child Alive is the non-profit organization co-founded by Keys to provide health care and housing to children with HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. 

In a first for "American Idol," and a departure from traditional fundraising methods, Keys asked the show's 30 million viewers to use their mobile phones to give $5 by sending the text message ALIVE to 90999. Seconds after texting in, they received a message back asking for confirmation. Mobile donors confirmed by replying "YES" via text message. The $5 donation will be added to their next mobile phone bill.

To date, the "Give $5 Text ALIVE" campaign has raised more than $500,000 for Keys' cause. In addition to a co-founder, Keys serves as the group's global ambassador.

Keys was joined on American Idol by a 15-year-old Rwandan rapper, Noah, who is a patient at the Kigali clinic funded by Keep a Child Alive. Noah captured the heart of Americans on the "Tyra Banks Show" in December, and has a popular video.

Alicia Keys resized 600
Mobile Giving

Last night's Idol texting for Keep a Child Alive was powered by mGive in conjunction with the Mobile Giving Foundation. The brainchild of mobile technology pioneer James Eberhard, the mGive texting system is revolutionizing non-profit giving, creating a new base of low-dollar donors who can give without using cash or credit cards. Other well-known non-profits using mGive include the ASPCA, Clean Air-Cool Planet, Defenders of Wildlife, Feed the Children, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Eberhard, who founded his first mobile technology business when he was in his early 20s, is CEO of Mobile Accord, a mobile application service provider and cause marketing agency. Based in Denver, the firm's clients include political groups, universities, and corporate cause marketers in addition to major non-profit organizations.

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Keep a Child Alive Mobile Giving Video Contest

Posted by mGive Team on Mar 23, 2009 4:57:00 AM

submit your PSA resized 600

Keep a Child Alive has come up with an innovative way to drive mobile donations and promote their Mobile Giving campaign within the youth community. The organization is partnering with STA Travel to host a student-produced Public Service Announcement contest. Eligible participants will produce a 60 second PSA video asking viewers to donate $5 by texting ALIVE to 90999. Donations will go towards life-saving AIDS medication for children in several African countries. The Mobile Giving campaign for Keep a Child Alive is powered by mGive.

Two Grand Prize Winners will each be awarded a free round-trip plane ticket to Africa to work with Keep a Child Alive on the ground for one week in January 2010! In addition, Grand Prize Winners will have their PSA aired on KCA TV (Youtube), on, and at KCA events throughout the year. The contest is currently underway, and ends on May 1, 2009! 

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mGive Launches Facebook Giving 2.0

Posted by Stephen Joos on Oct 27, 2008 9:57:00 AM

Today we launched an update to our Facebook Giving application that offers expanded functionality, and increased branding for our mobile giving partners.  The Facebook application is available to mGive users only and is included in all mGive plans.

Not only does mGive's Facebook Giving application inform users about the organization's mission and goals, it allows Facebook Giving users to show support for the organization on their profile, and gives them the option to donate to the nonprofit via their mobile phone.

To add the application search Giving in Facebook, or visit-

Once you add the application, you have the ability to choose from a large list of nonprofits. This list grows every day, so check back if your charity isn't listed.  You can also send us an email to request a specific nonprofit.

charity screen shot resized 600

Each Nonprofit has a profile page where Facebook users can learn more and contribute to their charity.  When the user enters their phone number, they receive a text message confirming their $5 donation.  Upon confirmation, the donation is charged to their cell phone bill.

keep a child screenshot resized 600

To add the Facebook Giving box to your main profile wall, visit the main Facebook Giving page and click Add to Profile.  There is also an option to add it as a tab on your profile.

jimmy FB resized 600

Also on the Facebook Giving application page and user profile, statistics are displayed on how much money you have raised, how many people you have recruited, and how much your network has raised.

FB shot 2 resized 600

Give the Facebook Giving application a try today-

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Text or Treat for UNICEF

Posted by Stephen Joos on Oct 9, 2008 8:51:00 AM

trick or treat resized 600

In 1950, UNICEF became a Halloween tradition when a group of children in Philadelphia donated $17 they received on Halloween. The Trick-or-Treat UNICEF box has become a staple each Halloween season. The small orange boxes are handed to children at schools and at various retail locations. To date, these boxes carried by children as they trick or treat for candy has collected approximately over $132 million.

This October, UNICEF opened the new media treasure chest with a slew of new digital initiatives, fundraising tools, and college level campaigns.  According to Caryl Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, "Reaching technologically savvy young people and engaging them on their level was essential for us not only to bring Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF into the 21st century, but also to underscore our commitment to do whatever it takes to save a child's life."

With a new take on the traditional orange boxes, UNICEF has launched a new fundraising campaign - 'Text or Treat for UNICEF'. Powered by mGive, the campaign allows to supporters to text "TOT" to 864233 (UNICEF) to make a $5 donation, or choose a favorite Trick or Treater to support.

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Richie Madden Mobile Donations

Posted by Stephen Joos on Sep 15, 2008 10:00:00 AM

text child resized 600Today, The Richie Madden Children's Foundation announced the launch of their mobile giving campaign, allowing over 230 million users to text "CHILD" to 90999. This mobile-savvy organization is using text message donations as their primary fundraising tool. At only a few hours after launch, the campaign looks to break mobile donation records.

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Flobots Text Message Donations

Posted by Stephen Joos on Aug 27, 2008 3:42:00 AM

flobots poster resized 600Ordinary people have the power to affect the world in which they live. They can hold their leaders accountable, protest, and petition. They can also make a small impact by donating to the causes of their choice, joining along with the efforts of others in order to work towards a common goal. A band by the name of Flobots employs these ideals in its concerts and music; and they have jumped ahead by adopting a new technology that will support their causes.

Flobots is a Denver-born Indie rock and rap group that sings for reform and change. They merge music with activism. Flobots recently released their new CD, Fight with Tools, which features the new single "Handlebars" and has seen overwhelming prosperity. Rather than losing sight of their mission upon the arrival of success, the band has accepted its new celebrity power by reinforcing its central messages. Fight With Tools, named after the CD, is Flobots' nonprofit organization whose goal is to channel the energy of an audience or fan base into constructive action that will achieve societal change. is the social networking site that enables fans and activists to connect with one another in order to form "Street Teams" that work for voter registration and other voluntary causes. In an attempt to raise money for the nonprofit, Flobots has forged a partnership with mGive so that the band can start accepting mobile donations for their nonprofit, Fight With Tools.

Giving In Action

thank you phone resized 600Flobots performed on Sunday August 24, 2008 for a small audience of 300. During their performance, they prompted the audience to text TOOLS to 90999-the service provided by mGive-in order to support Fight With Tools. 30% of the audience texted in, and almost 100 people actually donated $5 a piece to support the nonprofit. This was the first time that Flobots promoted the SMS call to action. Their performance was for a group of people that were not loyal diehard fans or close followers, but just ordinary people. Despite these circumstances, they were able to raise almost $500 just by asking the audience for their support.

These statistics have shattered mGive's previous records for conversion rates. Not only was the participation rate high, the number of pledges who "converted" to donors was also high. This demonstrates a change in how people are accepting and working with new technology, and how technology can make a difference. Technology provides a way for people to act on their feelings and donate to a cause to affect the world that they live in. By adopting this model for philanthropy, they are able to appeal to everyone that has a cell phone. The band can entice those who have limited discretionary income by employing microdonations. The Flobots have inspired many to "rise together" because a "new day is coming."

SMS Donations
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