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4 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs A Mobile Keyword

Posted by Lori Rizzo on Jul 29, 2015 4:05:07 PM


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A mobile keyword seems really simple right? It’s just a word that someone sends via text message to a short code (essentially a shortened phone number) so they can join a mobile community or make a mobile donation. Sounds basic enough. (Text TANGO to 80077 right now to see it in action). But that keyword is more powerful than you think.  It can do so much for your organization. It’s a huge opportunity for you to gain and retain supporters in a whole new way.

Let’s look at four reasons why your nonprofit needs a mobile keyword.

1.) Branding: Your mobile keywords are like secondary branding for your organization. Just like any other branding you do for your organization, you want to maximize your efforts. A strong, powerful and relevant keyword will make it easier for your supporters to act. Having a keyword that resonates with your specific audience and is easy to remember is key to a mobile campaign’s success. This is applicable to both donation keywords and mobile community keywords.  Your choice of keyword needs to be considered carefully.  If your keyword is difficult to spell or gets changed by autocorrect, your organization could miss a chance to get a new mobile subscriber or a donation. Lastly, when you have a strong and memorable mobile call-to-action, you empower your supporters to take that call-to-action to their network via social media and personal conversations.

2.) Supporter Communication: Staying in touch with your supporters is very important to you and your organization. Doing so in the quickest, most successful way possible is every nonprofit’s goal.  Mobile makes that possible.  With 99% of texts being read, and 90% with the first 3 minutes, reaching your supporter has never been easier. A relevant mobile keyword will excite people to join your community and from there you can cultivate them into your next champions. You no longer have to wait for someone to open their mail, open their email, or see your post on social media. Rely on a short code not a short memory! 

3.) Fundraising: A donation keyword is a tool that when added to your current strategy will not only raise funds itself but will facilitate your supporters to donate more via other channels. Text-to-give programs, when implemented with an outbound mobile communication program, show a significant increase in supporter engagement including donations. You have the opportunity to turn a $10 donor into a $120 donor by communicating to those who give you explicit consent to send them text message updates.

4.) Convenience: Our lives are busy and anything that can simplify them is great. Keywords make fundraising and communicating with your supporters easy and fast. They give supporters the quickest way to take action right when you have their attention. This is especially appealing to the next generation of supporters who the nonprofit sector is eager to acquire. They are tech savvy and desire a quick and fast way to do everything. Mobile speaks to them!

Engaging your supporters with mobile now just makes sense. Be ahead of the curve and get your keyword secured now and start building your mobile community.

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