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Want To Increase Your Website Traffic? Try These 6 Strategies

Posted by Taryn Eby on Oct 18, 2018 2:50:36 PM



Do you regularly analyze your website traffic? It’s important, because website traffic can tell you three essential things:

  1. How well your marketing is working
  2. What type of audience you’re attracting
  3. Where there are opportunities to increase conversions 

The more data you have to analyze the better. If increasing your website traffic isn’t already a business goal, make it one ASAP. Here are a few tips that can help you boost traffic to your website:


Regularly adding fresh, high quality, relevant content tells Google your website is active. This increases the chances of Google showing your site higher up in search results, meaning you’ll get more website visitors.


When you’re writing blog posts, it helps to naturally incorporate appropriate keywords into the body of the blog and write a compelling headline. Without a compelling headline, even the best article will go unread. Make sure you also link to your blog posts on all your social media channels and in your email newsletters to get an extra boost!

Social Media Marketing


It’s not enough to produce good content and hope Google finds it. You need to be proactive about getting it in front of people. This is where social media channels come in - they’re one of the best ways to get your content out to your followers and generate engagement.


A combination of organic and paid posts on social media is an important way to increase your website traffic. You can post regular updates a few days a week and then ‘boost’ important posts - such as blog links - for as little as $5. With software tools available such as Hootsuite, you can also share posts to multiple channels at the same time!


Lastly, make good use of quality hashtags to extend your reach. is a great resource to search hashtags and see how popular they are and if they align with the message you are delivering to your audience.

Google Ads


Google can help increase your website traffic with paid search advertisements, these are called Google Ads. Search advertising allows you to bid on keywords, putting yourself in front of potential donors as they search for a certain organization, phrase, or keyword.


If you’re a qualifying nonprofit organization, Google will even give you up to $10k per month in free advertising! Learn how to apply for the Google Ad Grant program.

Email Marketing

Sending regular emails to your community is a great way to remind both current and potential donors of the great work your organization does. Adding lots of links to your website - think blog posts, events calendar, landing pages, etc. - is an effective way to drive some additional website traffic.


Software such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact are great services that will help you build professional and engaging email templates. Try using email automation in these platforms to save time and increase interaction with your email list!

On-Page SEO


On-page search engine optimization is crucial. Without it, Google can’t tell what your website is about. Google’s crawlers read both the content and heading of your page and uses it to work out if your content is relevant to a search. Using relevant keywords on your page, especially your title, will help it show up higher in Google’s search results.


This is where creating captivating headlines for content becomes essential. If Google detects quality content and engagement on your page, it will see your site as an authority on the subject and will boost your rankings. In turn, you’ll see more website traffic.

Mobile Alerts

Did you know the majority of text messages are opened within seconds of being received? And that the open rate is 98%? Texting or SMS can be used to alert mobile subscribers of any updates or events. Send subscribers directly to a landing page on your website with one click!

Pro tip: use UTM tracking and shorten the link for the actual text message copy so you can track exactly what kind of traffic your mobile program is driving to the website.


There are many ways to increase your website traffic (and conversions), but some of it can be complicated and time consuming. If your organization needs help with marketing, donor acquisition, revenue generation, or mobile campaigns, feel free to book a time with a digital marketing advisor today!



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