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Are You Using Facebook Business Manager?

Posted by mGive Team on Oct 25, 2018 8:40:17 PM


If your organization is looking to streamline its Facebook presence, it’s definitely time to utilize Facebook’s free Business Manager tool (if you’re not already). With Facebook Business Manager, you can manage all your business’ Facebook assets in one place. Plus, you can assign roles to employees, volunteers, or partners (such as a marketing agency).

Not sure if you have a Business Manager account? Here’s how you can check:

1. Log into Facebook
2. Go to and click on "Log In" on the upper right corner.

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If you’re not automatically directed to a Business Manager account, you don’t have one (at least not under the Facebook login you’re using).

Setting up a Business Manager account takes less than 2 minutes and requires only your nonprofit name and email address:

Go to and click the blue “Create Account” button in the top right corner
Fill in your business name in the pop-up screen, then click “Continue”
The pop-up screen will then prompt you for your email. Type it into the box, and click “Finish”

Once your business account is created, you’ll need to add your Facebook Page, your Facebook Ad Account, and any employees or volunteers that manage your Facebook account. You should also create a Facebook Pixel and install it on your website. This is a tag that tracks people who visit your website and creates an audience you can re-target with Facebook advertising.

Now that you have set up your Facebook Business Manager account, you’ll want to get started running Facebook Ads. Advertising on Facebook can be pretty complicated, but here’s a quick guide to getting started with a basic, low cost ad campaign:

Create Your Audience

It’s important to show your ad to an audience that is relevant to your organization. Facebook allows you to create audiences to target specific users - you’ll find this tool by clicking the menu icon in the upper left, and select the Audiences option from the Assets column.



Facebook will then ask what type of audience you’d like to create. When choosing your audience, consider who your target is. Facebook categorizes audiences as lookalike audiences, saved audiences, or a custom audiences. 

1. A lookalike audience is based on people’s information to find others similar to them on Facebook. For example, you can upload your current email list and create a lookalike audience of people similar to your existing contacts.

2. A saved audience is an audience you create of people who share certain behaviors, interests, or demographics to save for future targeting. If you’re planning to consistently target a certain group or type of person, it’s a good idea to create a saved audience.

3. A custom audience can be created from your existing contact list, your website visitors, your Facebook fans, people who’ve interacted with your ads, etc.

You can also utilize location targeting to pare down your audience. This is helpful if your organization is targeting a local audience or serves specific areas.


Creating Your Ad

Now that you’ve set up your audience, you can create your ad! First, you pick your objective. These vary depending on your goal - page likes, email address collection, new donors, etc.
To get started on your ad, it’s time to open the Ads Manager. You can find it in the Facebook Business Manager menu.

Click Create on the Campaigns tab.


Select your campaign objective. Now you can create an ad set where you will choose your audience, placement, and budget. For the audience, you will select the audience that you set up previously or you will have an opportunity to create a new one.


If you’re unsure of how much your budget should be or how long to run your ad, try starting out with a lower budget - around $5 a day - and run the ad for a week or so. This should give you a good idea of whether you need to adjust your budget, placement, or audience.

The best way to maximize your advertising dollars is to have a strategy and funnel to capture and acquire those new visitors from your click throughs. In other words, try to gain an email address, mobile number, or donation. This can be done by improving your donor funnel with compelling offers that lead to forms, live chats, inbound queries, interactive web elements, and more!

Want to discuss how you can use Facebook ads to build your social media presence and generate more revenue? Click here to book a time with a marketing advisor.

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