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Using Mobile Research for Engagement and Fundraising

Posted by Yosuke Carter on Apr 4, 2013 9:39:00 AM


mobile research pollsIndiana Jones was a man of action, but his adventures always started with his nose in a book. Professor Jones did his research. Without research, Indiana Jones could not have found his hidden treasures.

The same is true with non-profits. Before we can engage our supporters, we need to do the research. We have to, Indiana Jones-like, whip our data into shape (okay, I’ll stop with the Indiana Jones puns, lest you think me a Raider of the Lost Snark…).

As a successful fundraiser, you know that research is the foundation for winning new supporters and increasing donations.

Mobile can aid your research efforts, especially when it comes to surveying supporters and prospects. With the mGive platform, you can collect data in real time and gain powerful insights by:

  • Polling your supporters or attendees at an event and capture what they think and feel in the moment.
  • Providing another communication channel besides phone, Internet, or mail. 
  • Surveying supporters and donors on preferred messaging to improve engagement. 

Another key factor that makes mobile a powerful research tool are the high open rates. Did you know that 97 percent of text messages are opened and 85 percent of those are read within 15 minutes of receipt? The immediacy and potential for higher capture rates produces better quality data. The better the data, the more accurate the research. This translates to stronger support, larger donations and higher ROI.

Finally – We know how consumers use and respond to mobile communication. mGive has done the research (Indiana Jones would be proud.) to help you effectively use mobile in your overall strategy. In fact, mGive is the only organization to have done national polling on text giving in the United States.

Here are three takeaways from our latest research that can help guide ideas for fundraising and communication: 


  1. Supporters want to receive text messages on multiple topics, not just donation information. Mobile is about effective communication, not just solicitation. 
  2. The age gap between text-donor-respondent generations is narrowing and close to even in our latest survey. Mobile is increasingly an effective way to raise funds among all age groups, not just the younger crowd. 
  3. Eighty-five percent of respondents who give to an organization by text are inclined to give larger amounts via other channels. Mobile won’t hurt but will help your traditional fundraising efforts. 
Using mobile to help you gather information for your research, plus mGive’s tools to help you manage the information you gain, plus our own unique research and insight, adds up to a solid foundation for all your fundraising and communication efforts. Indiana Jones used research to find “fortune and glory.” We can help you use research to develop the best engagement strategy to raise funds for your organization.

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