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Holiday Planning (should be) In Full Swing

Posted by Cassie Bair on Oct 10, 2012 4:48:00 AM


describe the imagePools are closed, kids are back in school and soon the holidays will be upon us! We are getting lots of calls about holiday planning, with folks asking the best way to prepare their mobile activities for the giving season. So we thought we'd share some insight on that particular topic.

Our number one recommendation? Before you begin executing holiday plans, think about how you’ll ensure every communication and/or touch-point to supporters during this - the busiest season for non-profits - makes the biggest impact.

Of course, every communication you deploy should have a primary, relevant message. But at the same time, every communication should attempt to get supporters opted in to your mobile list(s). For example, your next fundraising luncheon or dinner is sure to have new members of the community in attendance. A simple napkin band message asking them to sign up for future alerts and to become part of your mobile community could foster that relationship and turn an interested individual into loyal supporter. Nudge them along with a well executed call-to-action from the stage and a gentle reminder as you are networking in the crowd to ensure you grow your mobile list. Message them steadily and regularly in order to build involvement and donation activity.

Let’s face it, this is the time of year for giving. And if you don’t set your programs up for success, someone else will be getting that support – whether it is monetary, volunteer or other. So while you begin to plan your digital and printed holiday cards, newsletters, social media posts and even holiday events, be sure to include easy access to your mobile list registration.

mGive mTip: Holiday List-building

  1. Be clear about HOW supporters opt-in to your Mobile Community
  2. Indicate HOW OFTEN subscribers will receive messages in advance to minimize opt-out rates
  3. CUSTOMIZE your opt-in confirmation message
  4. MESSAGE, message, message – as appropriate for your audience!

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