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Yee-Haw! How the mGive West Was Won.

Posted by mGive Team on Sep 13, 2011 5:00:00 AM


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In 2010, Manifest Destiny, a sense of adventure and my childhood obsession with The Oregon Trail propelled me westward. When I graduated from Michigan State, I headed out west with my wagon and oxen to fulfill my dream of owning a strawberry farm on the Oregon coast. However, destiny had other plans. As I passed through Denver to visit a friend, my wagon broke down, forcing me to find work to pay for repairs. After landing a gig at mGive, I fell in love with Colorado, never making it back on the trail.

I knew promoting a mobile engagement and donation firm would be a good fit because as many of my friends know, I am an avid mass-texter. Similar to a first-time homeowner walking into Home Depot, I walked into mGive energized, full of ideas and excited to make my mark in the mobile and nonprofit industry.

My expectations regarding my gig at mGive were not far off. I quickly settled in due to the creative business environment and casual Colorado culture. Much of my success I owe to the supportive mGive team and the outstanding deli around the corner. mGive truly brings together that rare blend of backgrounds and life experiences that make for a well-rounded and dynamic team. We continue to find unique ways to connect with our clients and craft our products to fit their needs. It is totally something this Mobile Trailblazer can get behind.

As each day passes, mobile phones continue to grab more of our attention.  mGive offers nonprofit organizations ways to take advantage of mobile’s untamed growth by enabling their audience to participate through an innovative and direct medium.  Harness the mobile community’s need for immediacy by getting to know more about mGive and our tools. Working as Mobile Trailblazers is what keeps us coming back for more each work day.

I enjoy blogging but due to a word limit; I have to cut it off.  However, I would love to continue conversation…Text CONNOR to 50555 for my contact information.

Be on the lookout for big things to come from mGive. Ski season always brings out the best in Coloradoans…

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Connor Grant is Director of Business Development, tapas lover, avid Michigan State Spartan and ski-enthusiast at mGive in Denver. His focus is specifically on human services and public benefits. Follow this “Mobile Trailblazer” on his twitter @MobileVine or reach him directly at

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