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Keep Trees Where They Belong, Go Mobile!

Posted by mGive Team on Feb 17, 2011 5:59:00 AM

describe the imageI recently stumbled upon a website called 41 pounds. For those unfamiliar with the site, it is not devoted to a 6-week weight loss program, but a calling for people to sign up in an effort to eliminate 85-90% of their junk mail per year. Simply put, paperless is in.

The most popular item on Amazon, the Kindle, and mGive have two things in common; they are immediate and paperless. Finding environmentally friendly solutions is on the forefront of many campaigns ranging from personal initiative to national awareness. mGive equips an organization with the unique ability to capture supporters' information, collect donations, and communicate with constituents without using a single piece of paper.

Earth Day, April 22, is a perfect opportunity to kick off any mobile campaign! All of our 500 nonprofit clients are engaging their supporters while keeping trees right where they belong. Decrease your environmental footprint while increasing donations and support by eliminating the need for direct mail, checks, and clumsy information forms.

It’s my passion and job to work with you and your organization to mobilize your efforts and mission. Get my contact info by texting CONNOR to 50555 or call me today to get started 866.720.3350 x18.

--describe the image--

Just to introduce myself, my name is Connor Grant.  Manifest destiny pushed me west and I joined the mGive team in Denver about 6 months ago after graduating from Michigan State University.  An ambitious communicator, I have always been keen on capitalizing on the power of social media and sms for any medium.  Finding a position in the wireless field has offered me an opportunity to challenge my creativity and commitment to unlocking mobile solutions for non-profit organizations.  

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