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Mobile Fundraising and Communication: Smartphones vs. PCs?

Posted by mGive Team on Feb 10, 2011 7:24:00 AM


Remember those days when everyone in the fundraising space didn’t give email and online a chance? Back then, cold calling and direct mail were the cash cows, and there had been very little innovation in terms of fundraising technology for decades. Well all of that changed in the late 90s into the 2000s, and it’s about to change again.

About 74% of the US population has access to the internet, whereas 91% of us are wireless subscribers. Additionally, the average American has about three email addresses, addresses that change whenever we change jobs. But our mobile phone number has become an auxiliary Social Security number, as we now take our mobile numbers wherever we go. And most of us read our text messages within 15 minutes of receipt. Email? Forty-eight (48) hours.

Smartphone shipment resized 600
Now reports that smartphones outpaced PCs in terms of shipments over the last quarter of 2010. As more of those 91% of wireless subscribers have more functionality on their hips, adjusting the ways in which we communicate with one another will necessarily need to shift as well. That’s where Mobile Engagement comes into the picture.

From engaging people with polling, to inspiring them to be friendraisers, to rallying volunteers, to asking folks to give, mobile engagement platforms like mGive provide an immediate and interactive brand experience for the nonprofits who are jumping on the bus. And with stories like the one out this week, reasons to integrate mobile into your existing fundraising and communications strategies continue to mount...

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Just to introduce myself, my name is Patrick McIntyre, and I am the newest addition to the mGive team. After two years of working in global transportation logistics asking myself who I was and what I was doing, the rest of my career has been spent in the realms of nonprofit, public policy, and politics. I come to mGive from the United Way family, where I served at Mile High United Way, United Way Australia, and United Way of America. Look for more posts from me moving forward…

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