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Mobilizing the Power of Volunteers

Posted by mGive Team on Jun 30, 2010 6:27:00 AM

A recent report from the Journal of Philanthropy tracked a surprising rise in the number of volunteers in America during the last year. This rise contradicts conventional wisdom which assumes that people tend to “hunker down” during periods of economic stress. The report indicates that nearly 27% of the population said that they had volunteered in the last year – more than 63 million people. This was a 2.5% increase over the previous years’ number of volunteers. View the Report

The unexpected rise in people who are volunteering to support a cause they believe in is welcome news for non-profit organizations facing funding pressures -- especially while many of these organizations are confronting even bigger challenges than in the past.

Mobile for Managing Human Capital

The success of mGive’s Red Cross mobile fundraising campaign for Haiti made people realize how mobile technology can help charitable organizations to raise financial capital and donations. But many don’t realize that the mobile platform is also a powerful tool for managing human capital – the supporters and volunteers that do the good work of many non-profit organizations.

The same attributes that make a mobile device effective for fundraising can make mobile technology a core part of an effective volunteer management effort. For example:

    • A Mobile Phone is Personal
      People have it with them all of the time. It makes it easy to donate whenever they are inspired to donate. It also makes it easy for a non-profit organization to contact supporters if there is an update message or a need for volunteer action.
    • A Mobile Phone Operates Within a Controlled Environment
      This makes donating safe. It also makes it easier for volunteers and supporters to get the message when they are not faced with spam like online email, or junk mail.
    • A Mobile Phone Provides Meaning
      One of the biggest motivators for volunteers and for donors is the knowledge that what they are doing is important and it’s having an impact. Providing regular updates about the organization’s accomplishments – using mobile technology – can be an efficient way to make sure everyone is up-to-date.
    • A Mobile Phone Engages Youth
      According to the Journal of Philanthropy, one of the challenges of volunteer programs is engaging with younger volunteers. Mobile programs reach the younger generation “where they live”!

Here at mGive, we know that mobile technology can be a powerful force for social good in many ways. We’re excited and inspired by the everyday actions of everyday people who are working to make the world a better place.

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