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National Salvation Army Week

Posted by mGive Team on May 12, 2009 8:18:00 AM


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The National Salvation Army will be celebrating National Salvation Army Week from May 11 - 17. The first National Salvation Army Week was officially recognized by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954:

"Among Americans, The Salvation Army has long been a symbol of wholehearted dedication to the cause of human brotherhood. Their work has been a constant reminder to us all that each of us is a neighbor and kin to all Americans. Giving freely of themselves, the men and women of The Salvation Army have won the respect of us all."

The Salvation Army facilitates several programs in fulfillment of its mission to meet human needs without discrimination. These programs include all of the following:
    • Missing Person Service
        • The purpose of The Salvation Army's Missing Person Service is to reunite people in families who wish to find each other.
    • Music
        • Music symbolizes the cheerful religion of Salvationists, providing both the expression of a joyous faith and a form of recreation. The Salvation Army has produced some of the most outstanding brass bands in the world. Bands and songster brigades (choirs) are recognized for their achievements and often are called upon to participate in community activities.
    • Adult Rehabilitation
        • The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide assistance to people with a variety of social and spiritual afflictions. The Centers provide support for people facing substance abuse problems, relational conflicts, homelessness, unemployment, and a need for spiritual awakening and restoration.
    • Christmas Charity
        • The SalvationArmy's traditional red kettle is an integral part of the Christmas scene, with millions of dollars donated each year to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless.
    • Disaster Relief
        • The Salvation Army strives to provide material, physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to people affected by natural disasters. The organization has the ability to provide immediate emergency assistance as well as long-term recovery help.
    • The Salvation Army World Service Office
        • The goal of the Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) is to find long term solutions to poverty in less developed countries where the Army is active. Since its inception in 1977, SAWSO has channeled more than $100 million in goods and services to developing countries around the world.
    • Elderly Services
        • Educational classes, day care, hot-lunch programs and pre-retirement seminars are just a few of the programs the Army offers to assist the elderly.
    • Combating Human Trafficking
        • The Salvation Army believes that all abuse and exploitation of human beings is an offense against humankind and against God. The Organization works diligently to prevent human trafficking and to restore trafficking survivors.
    • Community Care Ministries
        • Community Care Ministries are designed to motivate, mobilize and train soldiers, adherents and other volunteers to effectively carry out Christ's commission and to care for those in need.
    • Recreation
        • Each Salvation Army community center has religious and character building programs for young people. These include Sunday school, troop programs, music classes, athletics, arts and crafts, camping, and familial services intended to help parents break the cycle of homelessness and crime so that their children will have a brighter future.
The following branches of The Salvation Army have partnered with mGive to accept mobile donations and expand their fundraising capabilities:
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