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ASPCA Boosts Donations via SMS

Posted by mGive Team on Mar 4, 2009 7:27:00 AM

ASPCA resized 600Mobile Marketer's Dan Butcher wrote an excellent article about the ingenuity behind mGive's mobile donation technology. The article highlights successful mobile fundraising efforts by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and speaks to large degree of power that nonprofits have to drive considerable revenues from mobile donations. Mobile donations for the ASPCA are powered by mGive.

As Butcher explains, the ASPCA "has been successful at converting standard-alert subscribers to donors using SMS."  The organization uses mobile to offer free alerts or tips to cat and dog owners. The tips include advice on basic health maintenance for cats and dogs, as well as warnings about products, substances or activities that can be damaging to a pet's health.

ASPCA subscribers receive such tips as, "Examine Fido's ears weekly. Tell a vet if there is redness/inflammation/waxy buildup or unusual smell. Reply GIVE to donate $5 to animals in need! Text DOG to 27722," or "Keep cats away from liquid potpourri. If ingested, it can cause drooling/vomiting/difficult breathing. Reply GIVE to donate $5 to animals in need! Text CAT to 27722. Text GIVE to 27722."

The ASPCA is a great example of how nonprofits can effectively tap into their constituent bases in order to create a new revenue stream through mobile giving. The organization has used mobile to develop another form of permission-based communication with supporters, and effectively utilized such as a new avenue through which donations can be driven. According to mGive's Tony Aiello, the mobile alert program allows the ASPCA to reach out to supporters and say "We've been communicating with you for a while now, we need to support these animals and help place them in homes. Please respond with a donation."

Butcher concludes the article by informing readers about the mobile donation services offered by mGive and the differences between mGive and the  Mobile Giving Foundation, a "separate 501c3 created to oversee the mobile giving standards and best practices for the U.S. mobile industry, certify nonprofits wishing to participate in the mobile giving channel and to facilitate the flow of funds from carriers directly to participating nonprofits."

mGive congratulates the ASPCA on successfully integrating mobile into their fundraising efforts. The organization has done an excellent job taking proactive steps to boost mobile fundraising, and we hope their success will inspire more of our nonprofit clients to do the same.

ASPCA boosts donations via SMS -Dan Butcher, Mobile Marketer

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