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Poverty Action Day

Posted by Stephen Joos on Oct 15, 2008 10:12:00 AM

Today is Blog Action Day. It is the day that bloggers all around the world look to highlight an issue. This year the issue is Poverty. Poverty is defined as deprivation of common necessities that determine the quality of life.  Here's some facts about Poverty, thanks to The Seminal.
    • More than 800 million people suffer from malnutrition.
    • The United States spends 0.16% of its budget on aid to poor countries, the second lowest percentage among all developed countries.
    • 35,000 children a day die from diseases related to malnutrition, or 1 every 2 seconds.
    • On any given night, 750,000 Americans do not have shelter, or 1 in 400
    • Over three billion people (roughly half the world's population) live on less than two dollars a day.
In preparation of our Blog Action post, we started going through our list of mGive partners to see which ones deal specifically with poverty.  We found that given the above definition, everyone deals with poverty in one way or another.  Whether it is The Richie Madden Foundation building a playground for underprivileged kids or Food Bank of the Rockies providing programs to specifically address hunger related issues.Be  Poverty can be tackled through many different strategies, both locally and abroad.


That's what today is about, but for an organization, how do you get people to act? The key is to allow people to give whenever they feel moved.  This is the opportunity that mobile fundraising offers.  Mobile Giving offers a way to interface with a completely new audience while introducing a new donation channel to existing supporters. The best thing is that this donation process direct to the donor, and they are requesting information from you.  Never before has there been such a direct channel between organizations and donors.

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