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mGive Launches New Mobile Donation Campaigns

Posted by Stephen Joos on Oct 2, 2008 7:55:00 AM


mGive is pleased to announce the launching of several new mobile donation campaigns- each with promising plans for promoting mobile giving in order to reach untapped audiences of potential donors.

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In concurrence with National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation will be promoting their newly launched mobile giving campaign throughout October. Promotion will take place through several media outlets including television, internet, and print media. Fundraising efforts will also include live promotion at a NASCAR event on October 11th, where attendants will be encouraged to mgive $5 by texting KOMEN to 90999.

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The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN) launched on September 26th, giving supporters the opportunity to make $5 donations by mGiving (texting) FFAWN to 90999. Co-founded by Mary J. Blige, FFAWN is committed to helping all women gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their full individual potential. Blige has been taped making a personal call to action, and the video will be shown to fans throughout her Fall concert tour, which is currently underway [Video]. Similar to Alicia Key's promotion of Keep A Child Alive, Blige's work to publicize FFAWN gives the campaign amazing potential for success.

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On October 13, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation will launch a campaign allowing donors to mGive DMRF to 90999. The foundation works towards finding a cure for Dystonia, a movement disorder that causes the afflicted to suffer from involuntary muscle spasms. Often, muscle contractions caused by the disease are so severe that patients' bodies are forced into repetitive twisting movements or painfully awkward positions. In addition to searching for a cure, DMRF provides support for Dystonia patients and their families as they battle the life altering illness.

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Call + Response, in collaboration with Fair Trade Pictures, has launched a mobile donation campaign in order to gain some momentum in their fight against modern slavery. The modern abolitionists have created a deeply moving documentary which exposes the shocking existence of a full-fledged present day slave trade that holds over 27 million human beings in violent captivity and grossed nearly $32 billion dollars in revenue last year. The documentary features performances by several popular artists, and will include a call to action urging viewers to make on the spot donations by mGiving RESPOND to 90999.

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Safe Blood for Africa has created a new campaign calling supporters to mGive HIV to 90999 in order to help the organization pursue its goal of providing technical assistance to countries that are developing national blood services. With help from the Pre-Season MBA Cares Program, calls to action will be heard in stadiums and through televisions starting on Oct. 1st and continuing throughout the NBA pre-season.

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After launching its mobile giving campaign on September 26th, the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Foundation has big plans for promotion. In collaboration with the American Football Coaches Association, PPMD will launch a one day event called "Coach to Cure MD" in order to raise awareness about the debilitating disease and encourage people to donate $5 by mGiving CURE to 90999. Calls to action will take place at college football games around the nation on the day of the event, October 25th.  The campaign will also be promoted on all Fox Internet properties leading up to the event.

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