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Flobots Text Message Donations

Posted by Stephen Joos on Aug 27, 2008 3:42:00 AM

flobots poster resized 600Ordinary people have the power to affect the world in which they live. They can hold their leaders accountable, protest, and petition. They can also make a small impact by donating to the causes of their choice, joining along with the efforts of others in order to work towards a common goal. A band by the name of Flobots employs these ideals in its concerts and music; and they have jumped ahead by adopting a new technology that will support their causes.

Flobots is a Denver-born Indie rock and rap group that sings for reform and change. They merge music with activism. Flobots recently released their new CD, Fight with Tools, which features the new single "Handlebars" and has seen overwhelming prosperity. Rather than losing sight of their mission upon the arrival of success, the band has accepted its new celebrity power by reinforcing its central messages. Fight With Tools, named after the CD, is Flobots' nonprofit organization whose goal is to channel the energy of an audience or fan base into constructive action that will achieve societal change. is the social networking site that enables fans and activists to connect with one another in order to form "Street Teams" that work for voter registration and other voluntary causes. In an attempt to raise money for the nonprofit, Flobots has forged a partnership with mGive so that the band can start accepting mobile donations for their nonprofit, Fight With Tools.

Giving In Action

thank you phone resized 600Flobots performed on Sunday August 24, 2008 for a small audience of 300. During their performance, they prompted the audience to text TOOLS to 90999-the service provided by mGive-in order to support Fight With Tools. 30% of the audience texted in, and almost 100 people actually donated $5 a piece to support the nonprofit. This was the first time that Flobots promoted the SMS call to action. Their performance was for a group of people that were not loyal diehard fans or close followers, but just ordinary people. Despite these circumstances, they were able to raise almost $500 just by asking the audience for their support.

These statistics have shattered mGive's previous records for conversion rates. Not only was the participation rate high, the number of pledges who "converted" to donors was also high. This demonstrates a change in how people are accepting and working with new technology, and how technology can make a difference. Technology provides a way for people to act on their feelings and donate to a cause to affect the world that they live in. By adopting this model for philanthropy, they are able to appeal to everyone that has a cell phone. The band can entice those who have limited discretionary income by employing microdonations. The Flobots have inspired many to "rise together" because a "new day is coming."

SMS Donations

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