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Mobile Donation Receipts

Posted by Stephen Joos on Aug 20, 2008 4:37:00 AM


Most people are willing to do charity work without recompense. I know that I would gladly spend an afternoon working in a soup kitchen, donating money, signing a petition, or holding a sign for a good cause. There is something enjoyable about giving of yourself without asking for anything in return. But it certainly isn't any less rewarding when you can do a good deed and get something out of it.

Recently The Mobile Giving Foundation launched a new tool that allows users to view and print a complete history of their mobile donations transactions.

To use this easy tool, just go to and enter the cell phone number from which the donations were made.

You will receive a pin number, via text message, to access your account.

Enter the pin number, and view, and print, receipts for all of your mobile giving transactions. Be sure to bookmark the page for future use.

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