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Promoting Mobile Giving With Video

Posted by Stephen Joos on Aug 18, 2008 3:56:00 AM


Television has, from the time of its invention, been an ideal medium for advertising.

It takes the human brain eight seconds to retain information, and just a fifteenth of a second to make a decision. So when watching television it only takes the span of a 10 to 30 second car commercial to make an impression, and hopefully a sale. But television has the potential to do more then sell cars.

That's why The United Way ran this ten second spot during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLII. The ad was simple, containing nothing more than a call to action, and a celebrity face, Tom Brady.

United Way Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is consistently the most watched programming on the air, so it was no surprise that thousands of viewers when asked to "Text 'FIT' to 864833", donated to the cause

Rocky Mountain PBS aims to do the same with their add, encouraging viewers to "pledge five dollars by texting RMPBS to 90999"

Rocky Mountain PBS; text to donate

The ad is concise and their call to action is displayed through most of the ad. Viewers are given ample time to text and donate.

Non-profit; Stand Up To Cancer expects to see similar results on September fifth during a televised Stand Up To Cancer event where viewers with be asked to make donations via text messaging.

Stand Up to Cancer

Televised ads for Stand Up To Cancer, also use a familiar face, Jessica Beil, while displaying donation information, "Text STAND to 40202" predominantly through the ad. This has prompted a generous response, including several thousands of dollars in donations, and social action for the cause.

mobile donations

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