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The Garumph Who Found Mobile

Posted by mGive Team on May 27, 2013 11:06:00 AM


Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director of The mGive Foundation, recently took on the challenge of this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival - to write a letter to Board members about something that drives her crazy... with a Dr. Seuss feel. 


Dear Board,

As you know, I am passionate about mobile and how we should be embracing it now and in the future. Furthermore, you know I often must work with other boards to convince them of the value of mobile. Below is a tale to which some of you can relate:


The BimbleWorks Board

Sat in their Tower

Staring at the Chairman,

Garumph, in his glower.


“Harrumph!” went the Garumph

At the Board meeting’s start.

Chasing the cheer with a leer from everyone’s heart.


As BimbleWorks Chair

The Garumph harrumphed quite a lot.

Most especially today,

When donations were sought.


Every year now, for 60-years running

BimbleWorks raised money

To keep Donorville humming!


It hummed with fresh air

And clean water running.

The skies were kept clear

For Donors who liked sunning.


The Garumph cracked his fingers

He was in a foul, grumpy mood.

The Board knew it well,

By the pencils he chewed.


“We need money for food,

I’m not telling fables!

Or Donors, I fear,

We'll have no food for their tables!”


And down sat the Garumph,

With a huffy, pouty umph.


Umph sat the Garumph.





The Board returned stares

At the Garumph’s scratchy frown.

They knew as he did,

That donations were down.


Less money from mail

And even online.

Donations were off

Down past baseline.


“What shall we do,” said the Garumph with no cheer.

“We will have to shut down,

Without donations, I fear.”


And the Board thought and thought.

Of the ideas they were able

But silence was silent

As they stared ‘round the table.


But in the back of the room

Sat the newest board member.

Textie Bell Cell,

Brand new –

In December.


She raised up her hand,

She had a great thought.

She spoke to the Garumph

About the solution he sought.


“I have an idea,

Its purpose is noble.

To save Donorville

We need to use mobile.”


“Mobile, you say, is that your idea?”

The Garumph shook his scowl, and said with a sneer,

Mobile is a plan I least want to hear!”


“Put away doubt,”

Textie said to the lout.

“Mobile used right,

Can surely help out.


“Consider the facts

Their story is telling

They make a strong case,

There’s no need for yelling.


“Mobile is hot

People like it a lot.

Just think of all the ways we can reach

All the donors we’ve sought.


“We can reach them in their car

We can reach them when they’re far.

We can reach them in their house,

And when they’re with their spouse.


“We can text them cause it’s easy

With messages not too cheesy

Doesn’t cost much to try

(Msg& data rates may apply).


“19 hours each day

It’s kept in arm’s reach,

People have their phones,

At work, at home at play

And even on the beach –“


“No! No!” said the Garumph.

“I don’t want to hear this at all.

When it comes to my phones,

I don’t like them small.


“I don’t like phones new

I don’t like them tiny.

I can’t stand its



Or applications whiney!”


“But your texts will get read,”

Textie bravely went ahead,

“Haven’t you heard what I’ve said,

They’ll get read!




“Read by 97 percent

So you need to relent

And seen by nearly nine out of ten

Soon after they are sent.


“But here’s the best news, the best news of all.


“Mobile works with the Net

Linking donors to your Site

Adding click-thrus

And page views

To get your Google rank right!


“And getting your Google rank right

Is an awesome delight!


“Mobile helps all around

Please don’t be mistook

It will even send donors

To Twitter -- and Facebook!


“And don’t forget events

Like races

And places where donors are present.

Mobile keeps them informed

-- An engagement quite pleasant!


“And before I forget, listen,here’s the rub:

Mobile can be our fundraising hub.

Joining all the things we need to attract

Especially all those donations we lack!”


The Garumph peered down

From his perchy chairman’s chair

He looked all around

At the people sitting there.


“Perhaps I’ve been wrong

I didn’t see this before.

I thought mobile just a phone

But perhaps it is more.


“It’s a way to connect

All the things that we do.

Like emails

And social

On the Internet too.


“Textie Bell Cell

I like the things that you tell.

It’s not the tools that you choose

But in how they are used

That makes you do well.”


And BimbleWorks started,

Textie’s ideas at the fore,

To tie their campaign together

With mobile as the core.


And donors responded

As they hadn’t before.

This year, it seems,

They even gave more.


They gave through texts

And websites galore

By Facebook

And Twitter

New donors by the score.


And BimbleWorks went on

Making Donorville pleasant

With sunshine and food

For all who were present.


Soon news from the Boardroom

The Garumph made evident

Textie Bell Cell

Became Vice President.


And the sounds that came rumbling

From the board room were telling

It wasn’t Garumph grumbling

-- He was just LOLing.

Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director, The mGive Foundation
Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director, The mGive Foundation

 Jenifer Snyder is Executive Director of The mGive Foundation.  She brings years of leadership experience in the mobile industry to the position. Previously, Jenifer was a founder and General Counsel for 9 Squared, Inc., a mobile content and services company subsequently acquired by the Zed Group. She left Zed in 2007 and started building the mobile channel for social and charitable effort, later forming The mGive Foundation.

Topics: Mobile Fundraising, Social Good, Advanced, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Fun

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