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Collecting Data through Mobile for Cause Marketing

Posted by mGive Team on Jun 24, 2013 3:24:00 PM


collecting data through mobile

Collecting Data through Mobile for Cause Marketing

“People, who need people, are the luckiest people in the world,” sang Barbara Streisand. She almost got it right: People who need people…need data.

Cause marketing needs people. And getting people involved as donors or volunteers in your cause requires data. Having the right data means taking the guesswork out of your communication. It means reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. Most importantly, good data and the understanding of how to use it empowers you to build relationships with people who want to support your cause.

Cause marketing provides an excellent opportunity for data building. Partnering with a corporate or brand entity provides access to new audiences and lends credibility and cache to your organization.

Cell phone penetration in the U.S. is greater than 100 percent, making mobile a strong data acquisition and list building tool. Mobile phones are almost always close to the people you need. Americans have their phone within arm’s reach 19 hours per day. With phones almost always within their grasp, it’s no wonder that 85 percent of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt.

Mobile provides both partners in cause marketing an opportunity to build their mobile communities. Mobile communication to new stakeholders and the data gathering opportunities they present may be one attraction for a corporation looking to team up with a non-profit. You can communicate in new ways and glean new data.

Mobile is also integrative and has a unique ability to integrate with CRMs, correlate information to databases and to collect additional information through mobile web forms. This gives you the ability to collect data in the following categories:

• Name
• Zip code
• Date of birth
• Specialty custom fields
• Geographic location
• Specific interests

You can also use mobile to integrate across platforms. Supporters can access their email and browse the internet and reach out to their friends through social media. Mobile text messages can drive supporters to all these assets related to your cause marketing campaign so you can further engage supporters.

Mobile polling also presents great opportunities to collect data. Polling tools can promote joint cause objectives through educational, ranking scale and multiple choice questions. More people will likely respond to a mobile poll because of the proximity of their cell phones and the greater likelihood they will read your text so you will get a greater response and better data. Through a mobile poll you can collect both qualitative and quantitative information. Polling possibilities on mobile include true/false questions, multiple choice and open-ended questions.

How people respond to mobile is also a data point. Which keywords they respond to may offer clues about what motivates them to engage. The time of day they respond to a text may indicate when you should email them. Their willingness to take a mobile poll or browse your website shows an appetite to engage online that could be explored. Record those transactions for they are data points too.

Getting data isn’t the end in and of itself. The point is to find out, save and use information about people so you can build a relationship with them around your cause.

People who need people who have data are indeed the luckiest people in cause marketing. Integrate mobile into your cause marketing campaigns and find the data and the people you need.


Cassie Bair is the VP of Marketing at Mobile Accord. Cassie has worked with many U.S. nonprofits leading marketing, strategic partnership, mobile and cause marketing initiatives. mGive, a Mobile Accord service, educates, engages and empowers nonprofits and their stakeholders through our groundbreaking utilization of SMS (text message) technology. Contact Cassie by texting CASSIE to 50555. Message and Data rates may apply.

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