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2013 mGive Text Donation Survey: Engage!

Posted by mGive Team on Jul 23, 2013 7:51:00 AM


Engage Your SupportersIt’s a fact:  Mobile is not just for text donations anymore.

While many organizations may just be dipping their fundraising toes in the text giving waters, our latest study shows that mobile is increasingly a desired tool by your supporters -- not just for donations but for additional types of donor engagement.  The biggest changes from 2012 to 2013 we saw in text donor attitudes in our latest survey about mobile communication, came from donors wanting additional information – and not just about donations.

We found that:

  • The desire to receive information about volunteering increased from 24 percent to nearly 33 percent.
  • Those wanting survey information increased from 12 percent to 18 percent.
  • Nearly 40 percent want news and update information from nonprofits

While these are increases in expressed interest about receiving specific information, the findings show a clear trend that your supporters are more receptive to communication from you about diverse topics through their mobile phone.

The receptiveness to receiving information about more than just text donations is no surprise.  The Pew Research Center calls mobile phones the “Swiss Army Knife” of communication.   Mobile phones are increasingly becoming more important to essential aspects life, with Pew documenting how more of us are using mobile to access health information, conduct banking, connect online, send emails and pictures and more.  In fact, Pew reports that, as of June 2012, nearly 36 percent of American homes have become cell-phone only households.   It is increasingly likely that young children today will have no memory of a phone in their house attached to the wall with a cord.

These trends and numbers tell us that adding mobile donations to your toolbox is not enough.  Nonprofits who make mobile an integrated component of their overall strategy will reap the most success as we continue our transformation into a mobile-centric culture.

Through mobile you can:

  • Drive donors to your web site
  • Impart information on volunteering
  • Encourage them to actively participate in your social media activities
  • Provide information about themselves, through surveys
  • Educate by sharing program information
  • And, of course, ask for donations.

Mobile communication has become too important to include as an afterthought or just use once in a while.  It’s time to fully engage your supporters.   You’ll find them on mobile.

Want to engage?  Then engage one of our account executives who have experience helping integrate mobile communication into your overall donor outreach strategy.  Contact us at 866-720-3350.

Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director, The mGive Foundation
Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director, The mGive Foundation


Jenifer Snyder is Executive Director of The mGive Foundation.  She brings years of leadership experience in the mobile industry to the position. Previously, Jenifer was a founder and General Counsel for 9 Squared, Inc., a mobile content and services company subsequently acquired by the Zed Group. She left Zed in 2007 and started building the mobile channel for social and charitable effort, later forming The mGive Foundation.




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