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Busting the Myths of Mobile – More Effective Donor Campaigns with Mobile Part Three

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Oct 30, 2013 9:48:00 AM


mobile mythsIf you’ve ever thought about fundraising more effectively; having better engagements with donors, increasing donor retention and breaking through the “clutter” – mobile can do that for you.  But not if you get frightened away by the myths you may have heard about mobile. You can realize mobile’s full potential in your fundraising campaign if you get the facts.

So don’t let the myths of mobile scare you! Let us spook-away some of the most frightening myths about mobile before they haunt you.  After all, done right, mobile offers treats, not tricks! 

Here’s our Halloween treat for you – Busting the Myths of Mobile! 

This is third in a series of three – read parts one and two

Myth:  Mobile donations only work for disaster response charities.

Fact: At mGive, 90 percent of our clients raising money from mobile are non-disaster related nonprofits.

Any organization can use mobile effectively when they clearly communicate an immediate need, connect people to being part of the solution and offer mobile as the best way to respond. To be used effectively, mobile donations should not be the focus – engagement should! Send updates, invite people to an event, thank them for their support or suggest they participate in your social media activities.

Myth:  Only development staff need mobile.

Fact: We see the best success when marketing, volunteer management and IT are also involved in mobile strategy planning and implementation and when there is support from the top down. Marketing knows how to run communication campaigns. IT can figure out integration and technological solutions. Volunteer Management can engage people likely to give time (and sometimes money).

Myth:  Mobile communication is complicated.

Rocket science is complicated.  Mobile communication is something you do everyday.  You don’t need to resort to quantum physics to make it work.  Simply think about how you use mobile and apply that to your campaigns.

If you use a mobile phone, you know what to do. It really is as simple as it sounds, but many organizations over think what has to be done to make mobile an effective tool.

Myth:  Mobile doesn’t work at events.

Fact: Try telling that to our clients.  One client, the Mile High United Way in Colorado, ran an event integrated with mobile communication that helped them with volunteer management and donor acquisition.

During its annual Turkey Trot “Fun Run” on Thanksgiving morning, racers and volunteers were engaged through mobile, before, during and after the race.  These messages included race day information, thanks for participation, motivational messages and information about the organization. The Mile High United Way was so excited to see their results, they decided mobile had to be a part of their year-round activities.

Have questions about mobile?  Not addressing one of the mobile myths that is confounding your organization?  Ask us in the comments, or, call us at 866-720-3350.

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