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Mobilize Your Supporters During Disasters with Text Donations.

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Nov 17, 2013 4:00:00 PM


text donations during disastersIn the wake of a disaster, people around the world are seeking ways to help.

For this week’s mSpiration we highlight 4 tips to help mobilize your supporters during disasters.

  1. We sometimes hear concerns that text donation campaigns may reduce more traditional fundraising efforts, but our studies show that mobile communication and solicitation can support and reinforce overall efforts. Our 2013 Text Donation Study found that regardless of how much an individual currently gives, 85% of current text donors say they are willing to give more through other channels. For more on Mobile Fundraising and Traditional Giving Campaigns: Unrivaled Collaboration check out our blog post.
  2. Use mobile to tap into a new revenue stream by turning your Facebook friends into philanthropists and your Tweets into text donations. Mashable shared a study done by Pew Research that found 65% of Americans, who use social media, get most of their news from one social media channel. Tap into your social media channels and compel your followers to take action! We recently highlighted our client, American Humanist Association (AHA), who turned social media followers into unique mobile donors.
  3. Speaking of social media; use it to tell your story. Share your call-to-action on Twitter and ask people to retweet (don’t forget that disclaimer language!).  Capitalize on the visual nature of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to share photos with your call-to-action. Share successes and challenges that still remain. Tell your supporters how their donation has or will help, and ask them to encourage their friends to give. We have more tips on using social media to drive text donations here.
  4. Don’t just collect anonymous donations. When you thank your donors, ask them to opt-in to your mobile community to receive updates on relief efforts. Use that initial donation to start a relationship—then cultivate these individuals into loyal advocates and donors. Most mobile programs have a high retention rate and these supporters will stick with you if you engage with them thoughtfully and consistently. Don’t miss an opportunity to engage new donors with your organization before, during and after a disaster situation. For more on maximizing your mobile retention rates, check out “Don’t Go” for ideas.

Stay tuned for success stories in the coming weeks about how mobile has helped victims of Haiyan recover and begin to rebuild.

For a complete list of mGive clients providing relief to the Philippines visit The mGive Foundation.

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