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mSpiration: 2013 Text Donation and Engagement Trends

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Nov 21, 2013 12:38:00 PM


2013 mGive Text Donation Study InfographicYour Latest mSpiration- Quick mobile ideas to mSpire your nonprofit organization to change the world one text at a time.

Your nonprofit is going mobile & just in the nick of time! But how do you make mobile work, while becoming your organizations mobile rock star? In our new blog series we will be posting innovative, creative and downright awesome ways that mobile is being used so you can go turn those bystanders into supporters-in 160 characters or less!

Earlier this year the 2013 mGive Text Donation Study was released. Yesterday The mGive Foundation posted a very cool infographic on the study. 

If you missed the study, or just want a quick refresher check it out the infographic here:!

 The focus of the study was to examine:

  • Who mobile donors are by obtaining basic demographics.
  • Whether donation via text impacts the likelihood of donation through other channels or the amount given through other channels.
  • Donor reoccurrence and retention rates.
  • Preferred subscriber communication content.
  • Source of donor awareness or text donation campaigns.
  • What dollar amount donors are comfortable with donating via text?

How are you mSpired to use mobile to reach your end-of-year goals? Let us know in the comments below!

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