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Creating A Comprehensive Campaign Strategy For Your Next Event

Posted by Chelsie Blancas on Jul 19, 2018 3:01:36 PM


Successfully promoting your next event can be hard work and requires plenty of advance planning. To ensure you’re reaching your full audience potential, it’s important to send out the right message at the right time, through the appropriate channels, and at the right frequency.

To get maximum attendance, you need to have a cohesive strategy that includes email and SMS campaigns, social media advertising, PPC ads, remarketing, blog posts, website popups, and a dedicated landing page. All these strategies compliment each other and work together to give you the best chance of reaching your target audience and hosting a successful event.

Using this campaign checklist and putting together a content calendar at least 3 months in advance is a great way to keep your team organized and make sure you’re utilizing all the tools in your arsenal at the right time.

Email Campaigns

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to send multiple emails about the event to your existing contacts. If you’re sending out weekly or bi-weekly emails, vary the email content and highlight something new each time, such as updated event information, testimonials/social proof, event teasers, or shout outs to your partners, donors, and volunteers. Keep it simple but engaging!

A great way to prep ahead of time is to create an automated email series. While it may be more upfront work for your team, an automated series will capture both existing and new contacts. Everyone on your list will receive the same important content and get regular touchpoints to keep them engaged leading up to, and even after, your event.

And don’t forget about the post event engagement strategy. Sharing awesome content and photos with your community after an event is a great way to engage those who attended as well as those were not able to.

Bonus tip: Make sure to create a call-to-action on social media and/or your website for users to sign up for your email list to get info about upcoming events.

SMS Text Messages

What better way to promote an event than reaching out to your community base through text messaging? Most people their mobile phone on them at all times, which means you can connect any time. With open rates of 98%, text messages offer a low cost, high engagement connection with your users wherever, whenever. No other marketing channel can boast the same open rates.

We also see click-through rates of targeted text messaging reach 17-30% of your audience, which is astounding compared to email!

If you aren’t signed up on our mobile SMS platform yet, let’s chat about how we can help you utilize this effective tool for your next event!

Facebook Advertising

While Facebook Ads can be somewhat complex to set up, it’s worth the time and effort as Facebook’s targeting options are second to none. With even a little budget, you can get a lot of engagement from people who share a common interest in the kind of work that your organization does.

Looking to engage higher income college graduates in the Boulder area who are interested in helping the environment? You can do that. Looking for people between the ages of 25-40 who love animals and may be good volunteer candidates for your next event? You can do that too.

Don’t forget to compliment this advertising with regular posts on your Facebook page. Continue to give updated event information, reminders, and special promotions to your followers every week leading up to the event!

Dedicated Event Landing Page

With all the outreach you’re doing on different channels, it’s important to send users to a dedicated landing page that is focused only on your specific event or campaign. Keep it clean and informational, and if applicable, have the event registration form embedded for easy submission. The fewer clicks a user has to make, the higher the conversion rate.

Blog Post

Creating a blog post isn’t a must but is certainly a great supplement to the work you are already doing for the event. We suggest creating a blog post or two a few months in advance, and then repurposing that content in your email copy. This will save you and your team time. Link to the blog post and/or your event landing page from every email campaign you send out. This strategy is always helpful in getting more engagement and click-through rates on your emails. Plus, it’s a great way to get more traffic to your website!

Website Pop-Ups & Conversion Tools

When done right, pop-ups are a great tool to build your email list and promote events on your website. Many platforms, such as Sumo, have great integrated features, such as countdown timers, auto response emails, display rules, and pre-designed templates to enhance your event promotion targeting.

Using these tools can set you up for automated success with increased conversions and opt-in rates, allowing you to engage your audience both before, and after, your event.


Want to team up with Rally4 for your future events? We can help your organization implement a comprehensive campaign strategy that will not only increase your audience for your next event, but also help you grow your community and build your donor acquisition! Schedule a one-on-one chat with us today.


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