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Disabled Vet, Recovering Addict, and Now...

Posted by Angela Whaley on Jan 9, 2019 10:50:10 AM


Josephe is a disabled vet and recovering addict with a traumatic brain injury. He was told he would never walk again, never work again, and wasn’t sure how well his brain would work again.

Luckily for Josephe, and all of us, the human spirit is resilient.


He learned how to walk three different times. He went from being homeless to a full-time job that moved him to North Carolina.

And today, we are celebrating his Salesforce Ranger status. What does that mean? A LOT of work and dedication!

The path to the Salesforce Trailblazer Rank of Ranger is the highest status you can get on Trailhead, which includes 100 badges and at least 50,000 points. Josephe is Administrator certified, he is also working on three more certifications. “Vetforce trains me.

When asked what he wants to do next, he said “I want to help other people.” (Learn more.) 

He told me a story how he recently went in to help an organization who had previously paid several consultants to setup their Salesforce user profiles.

The organization had been frustrated for months and not getting the full power out of the Salesforce platform. Permission rules and security sets were in shambles.

“It was a mess.” He shared.

Some individuals couldn’t log in at all, others had multiple logins which was wasting Salesforce licenses, and others could login but they had full permissions resulting in an overwhelming amount of data that was not actionable to that unique individual. Sound familiar? Let's address together.

Within a week, Josephe had fixed all their users, everyone could login, and everyone had the right permissions set. He also got the proper CPQ and billing in place. The new rollout plan went from being a month behind schedule to back on track.

The great news about Salesforce is it is robust and will do everything you need. And as a nonprofit, you get 10 FREE licenses and 50% off any additional licenses.

The challenge? Sometimes free isn’t always... “free.” Time is our most valuable resource today. Yes, you can setup a free instance, but let’s work smarter together on the implementation and execution.

Your CRM and/or donor management system is the lifeblood of your organization. It is a living, breathing network that organizes and mobilizes your unique community who is committed to making an impact with you. That network must be managed and cultivated like any individual relationship.

If you are currently using Salesforce, or you’re considering using Salesforce, we have an exciting new managed service program for you so you can work smarter. If you're not using Salesforce yet, let’s discuss their awesome offering of 10 free licenses for nonprofits and how that can work for you.

Let's Connect on a Salesforce Program: 

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