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Embracing The Fine Print of Mobile Call-to-Action Disclaimers

Posted by Lori Rizzo on Mar 12, 2015 2:19:02 PM


As online and digital giving methods continue to grow, it’s important to feel confident that your donation successfully reaches its intended recipient.  A key element in this process is clarity around who I am giving to, how much am I giving and is my personal information being protected. Knowing your donation is going safely where is it supposed to is a main concern facing all donors regardless of the donation method. We 164237686work hard for our money, and we feel passionate about the causes our hard earned money supports. We consider our mobile devices to be an extension of ourselves and our identity. Considering donor needs and providing that donor comfort is one of The mGive Foundation’s primary roles.  As the Director of Compliance, I am responsible for ensuring this comfort in the mobile giving space and it is a top priority.

The wireless carriers and other partners in the mobile giving space have collaborated and created a standard disclaimer for each type of media that could host a mobile call-to-action. These disclaimers in some form provide the donor with a clear path to gain more information about the donation prior to starting the donation cycle.  The disclaimers include information like recipient charity, price point, subscription terms (if applicable) and links to full terms and conditions.

To view current carrier disclaimer formats please click here.

To view CTIA's current Short Code Monitoriing Handbook click here.

Requiring all participating organizations using the mobile channel to have the same formatted disclaimer ensures confidence, and that the participating organization has met the standards for participation and has been vetted and approved by an authorized source such as The mGive Foundation.  Without having a uniform disclaimer, donors and subscribers could find it unclear if their donation is going where intended.  Donors could be hesitant about the security of their donation and thus might not make a donation at all. By providing the donor or subscriber with the information upfront, they continue to have control and the feeling of security thus they are more likely to continue through the entire text giving process.

Feedback about the length of disclaimers is often shared with mGive account managers. We don’t disagree they are wordy. However, while the disclaimers may take up space in our calls-to-action which can prove challenging when creating media, the positive effect they have on donation conversions do make up for that.  A confident and happy donor is more likely to be a repeat donor or even increase their participation with your organization as a result of your efforts to make them feel safe.


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