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Ground Control to Major Blog: A Next Gen Mobile Frontier

Posted by Jonathan Bray on Apr 8, 2016 2:31:11 PM


Ground-Control-to-Major-Blog-A-Next-Gen-Mobile-Frontier.jpgYour mobile phone is your personal app...your connection to your community, your connection to the world

… did you know that most smartphones have a stronger computer than the computers that put the first astronauts on the moon?

Holy MOON DUST Batman!

Mobile technology is the Next Generation way to engage with donors. And it’s not limited to youth alone. Everyone seems to be hyperactive on their phone these days. 

“If you are not in the mobile game, you’re behind. If you don’t have a mobile strategy, your competition is going to eat your lunch and moon pies, too. #LittleDebbie” -Frank Richards, CEO of Rally4

Text is a great channel for communication. With the power of mobile, web, and fast mobile data, users can access dynamic web pages that help tell your story, engage your community, and make compelling fundraising appeals at light speed.

Text is simple and ubiquitous. It is effective. It is affordable. And it is a must have...As Angela Whaley, VP of Client Strategy here at mGive powered by Rally4, put it in our Episode 2 of the #InspireChange Podcast, “Text is the app you don’t have to download on your phone.”

Apps for days! (And we ain’t talkin’ appetizers, Neil Blogstrong.)

It’s because the text messaging app is already on everyone’s phone and you can utilize that to power your organization’s communications!

On our recent podcast, Angela dished out mobile strategies, the necessary steps to fulfill a successful text call-to-action, and insider best practices to ninja kick your mobile fundraising into high gear!


Waaaahhhhhhhh……. HIIIIIIIIIIYAAAAAA! OOOOOOOMMMMMYAAAAAA. Hiiiiggggggtttttsssseeeeett!  rrrrruuuuuken!

If ever you were starving for some tasty nuggets of mobile fundraising and marketing knowledge, now would be the time to serve yourself up a plate of #InspireChange!

For those more experienced with mobile, revisiting the fundamentals are always helpful to drive more success.

We encourage you to carve out some time to listen to this if you have ever considered mobile but aren’t really sure where to start.

Below we’ll pull out some of the nuggets from the interview.

Let’s Strip Away The Tech Mumbo Jumbo

It’s still about apple pie, baseball #Rockies Opening Day, and people. Well... maybe Extra Terrestrials… But MAINLY human people.

Speaking with a human being behind the technology is key. You’re still trying to connect with people to share your stories and educate them about your worthy cause.

We’ve made it as easy as moon cheese to give with Text to Give, but people don’t give because it’s easy. They give because they feel personally compelled to take action.

Talk about a softie.

Be sure to include your mission moments and inspiring stories in your communications whether sending a campaign to cultivate your community or delivering an impactful text call-to-action at an event.

Best Way to Incorporate Mobile Technology?

The first step is to identify your goal.  One small step for Man…#Moonshot


  • Are you looking to FUNDRAISE?


      • Ask people to give using Text to Give or Text to Donate. Integrate a call-to-action at events, on social media, or in real life during great conversations.


  • Are you looking to ACQUIRE DONORS?


      • Ask people to join using Text to Donate or Text to Join. Deliver a mobile call-to-action at events, on social media, on the web, or in real life after a great conversation.


  • Are you looking to ENGAGE and CULTIVATE your community?


    • Send your communications via text with a link back to deeper engagement on a web page, video, or survey. You can also send someone a mobile poll so they can respond right there on their phone without ever having to leave their text messaging app.

Next Best Thing You Can Do

T-Minus: Build a list. Grow your community. Communicate effectively.

There are contact lists everywhere. From the phonebook to your personal ‘Rolodex’. (OK I get it, no one uses the Rolodex much anymore! We have robots for that.)

The phone book example isn’t very targeted, is it? You’ve got a list of names in alphabetical order, but have no real clue whether or not that person would be interested in your organization.

You could also buy an email list from one of those mall ‘win a car by giving us all your info to sell to marketers so they can spam you all day err’ day’ installations. Still not a great list, but getting warmer as you can start to segment those lists by the data those people provide… things like income, geographic location, interests, how many times they’ve seen the newest Star Wars movie, etc. (not that we recommend it)


But what if you had a list of everyone who donated or participated in any way with your nonprofit before… well now you’re getting even warmer! And you can build that list yourself! Over time, of course.

It reminds me of the Chinese Proverb:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Start taking the opportunity to build your list with every interaction, campaign, event, conversation, co-sponsored marketing post with another organization or corporation. That’s how growth works! It doesn’t just happen, like travelling at warp speed. One day at a time.

When you have a campaign, acquisition is the absolute best thing that you can focus on during that campaign from a mobile perspective, because there’s no better way to reach those people in digital channels over mobile.

Think about all of your acquisition opportunities on web pages, forms, and events you already have and think about the best way to include a mobile call-to-action.

You’ll start to gain traction, and be able to communicate with your donors, creating richer relationships with your content and be able make fundraising appeals to larger and larger audiences.

The time for innovation is now. It’s here. Let’s start making our dreams of flying hover cars, cruising around in jet packs, and using our mobiles to their fullest capabilities.


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