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How to Convert More Website Traffic

Posted by Taryn Eby on Nov 25, 2018 9:28:59 PM


You’ve got your emails scheduled, your SMS scheduled, and social posts planned for #GivingTuesday, right? If not, get your free #GivingTuesday templates here.

You’ll be driving increased website traffic between now and the end of the year. Now how do you best convert your website traffic during these high volume times? Click here if you prefer to chat with a human versus read

Need more website traffic? Here are 6 strategies to increase your website traffic.

Test Your Website for Free

First, test your website’s load time and identify any potential bottleneck issues. According to the 2018 M+R Nonprofit Benchmarks Study, “nearly half of web users expect a website to load in two seconds or less. And research shows that a one-second delay in page load time can lead to an 11% decrease in traffic, and significantly fewer conversions.”

Pingdom is a great tool that will analyze your website for free and provide you with website optimization recommendations.

How Much Traffic Should Be Converting?

Now let’s assume you’re getting increased website traffic and your website is loading in two seconds or less.

On average approximately 1% of your website traffic should be converting and giving you an email before they bounce. How do you convert the remaining 99%? Click here to chat with us directly about your specific strategy. 

mGive + Sumo = ♥

mGive is proud to have Sumo as a partner for TESS: Technology Enabled Services Simplified. Sumo is a powerful conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool you should be using - if you’re not already - to increase your email list and get more donors.

You probably have a few popup forms running on your website now to add people to your email newsletter list, but you should create a new form for every single campaign you do. This allows you to see metrics by campaign so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t on your site. It also keeps the content fresh and more personal.

Since #GivingTuesday is this Tuesday, 11/27, keep it simple with a countdown timer - set this one up ASAP - and a smart bar with a button that goes to your #GivingTuesday donation page.

How To Set Up A Countdown Timer

Sumo offers a template that will count down to any event in real time. Countdown timers create excitement and anticipation about an event, so set this one up today. Like all Sumo templates, the countdown timer can be branded to match your website, can include a photo or logo, etc.

Sumo offers a great tutorial on creating list builder forms, with step by step instructions and screenshots. Follow the steps outlined in Sumo’s guide but with these adjustments:

  • In Step 2, select “Add a Call to Action” as your goal.
  • Your form type in Step 3 will be Popup.
  • When you get to Step 4, choose Formal Event as your template. This is the one with the countdown timer.

Instead of asking for an email address, the Formal Event template offers a Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Link this button to your #GivingTuesday donation page.

Here's our mGive Countdown Timer example:

Countdown to #GivingTuesday

Setting Up A Smart Bar

A Smart Bar is a static banner that will display at either the top or the bottom of your site. In our nonprofit world, this bar is best used to do a direct donation ask. Set one of these up now and display it through the end of #GivingTuesday to drive as many donations as possible.

Using Sumo’s list builder tutorial, create your smart bar and make these adjustments:

  • In Step 2, choose “Add a Call to Action” as your goal.
  • In Step 3, your form type will be Smart Bar

The CTA button on your Smart Bar should link to your #GivingTuesday donation page.

More Resources

Meet your #GivingTuesday goals by making sure all your marketing is aligned and rally your existing community to spread the word.

Looking for other resources to make your Sumo forms and #GivingTuesday campaign more successful?

  • Here are #GivingTuesday email, social, and SMS templates
  • Here is a guide from Sumo on Power Words to use in your forms to get more conversions
  • Here are logos and images from that you can use in your campaigns

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