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How To Get Your Nonprofit Message Seen 99% Of The Time

Posted by Brigette Swartz on Jun 17, 2015 3:55:00 PM


Get Your Nonprofit Message Seen Using Text

Would your organization consider using a product that would allow your message to be seen 99% of the time? And 90% of the time within 3 minutes?

It’s not new and it’s probably something you have already used today – texting. 

With 90% of Americans owning a cell phone (64% have smart phones), this is a relatively untapped channel that can be used to communicate, cultivate and ultimately fundraise. A recent Pew Research Center study shows that more than 92% of all age groups surveyed had texted at least once during a one-week time period.

Along with the fact that almost everyone texts, here are another 5 reasons to consider adding text to your engagement and fundraising toolboxes:

1) Power of text – when you build a mobile subscriber database, almost 100% of your subscribers will see your message. Having 1,500 mobile subscribers is like having 10,000 email subscribers if you are getting a 15% open rate on your emails. Acquire a new donor prospect to your mobile community and then cultivate them with 1 or 2 engaging texts per month with videos and stories about how your organization is making a difference. After the relationship has been cultivated, ask for a $10 text donation to convert them into a donor. With continued engagement, the ultimate goal is to drive these folks to give larger gifts online. More on the importance of a strong subscriber base for mobile engagement can be found here.

2) Welcomed Friend – the only way someone can be sent text messages is if they subscribe or opt-in to receive text messages from an organization. Organizations are unable to buy mobile subscriber lists like has been done with email lists.  Because it is a permission-based channel, this means you have an engaged, current list of supporters who want to receive information from your organization. Your message will be welcomed by the supporter and peppered between personal messages from family and friends. If they don’t find the texts relevant, they can simply opt-out at any time by replying to the text with the word STOP. (INSIDER TIP: If you ever receive any text that you don’t want, you can reply with STOP which should immediately remove you from future texts)

3) Direct Communication Channel – Building presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels is important, however your organization does not “own” the likes or followers. The social media platform controls who sees your messages and your messages don’t necessarily reach everyone that has liked or follows your organization. The only way to reach them is to pay Facebook or Twitter for access. Unlike social, when you build a mobile subscriber list, those are your subscribers and can communicate with them directly.

4) Enhance Other Efforts – text messaging can cross-promote your other communication and fundraising initiatives. For example, if you have a list of text subscribers who also receives your direct mail promotions, you could send a text message to those folks letting them know to watch their mailbox for an event invitation or end of year appeal. Same thing is true for email. What would it mean for your organization if you could increase the direct mail response rate or email open rates even by a small amount?

5) Retention – when sending relevant and segmented text messages based on supporter interests, there is a very low unsubscribe rate. This can help you build long-term relationships, increase your retention rates and create a sustainable donation channel.

Text is an overlooked and underused communication, cultivation and fundraising channel. When combined with best practices, it can be a robust relationship-building and fundraising tool. To find out if text may be a solution to amplify your nonprofit mission, click below to schedule a FREE consultation.


Text Right For Your Organization


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