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How to Win the (Mobile) Super Bowl

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Feb 6, 2014 1:59:07 PM


how-to-win-the-mobile-super-bowlHere at mGive, Sunday February 2nd 2014 is a big day. Super Bowl XLVIII! Being a Denver based company, a lot of us are Broncos fans and it’s been a long road since the last Super Bowl in ’97.

It’s also a big day for text donation. This year will mark the sixth anniversary of our first major text donation campaign. (For a bit of a history lesson, check out our 5th anniversary blog post from last year).

Whatever team you root for, we’ve seen a lot of parallels between football and mobile (seriously!). We pulled some mSpiration from a article from last year. If you want to brush up on your football knowledge it’s a great read. But, in true mSpiration spirit, we took their plan and have added our own mGive mobile twist.

Step 1: Decide to win the (mobile) Super Bowl

Of course, we understand that there will never be a grand battle of nonprofits using mobile to face-off, but the general idea rings true. You have to commit to mobile. When we started this industry six years ago, we supported a lot of one-time campaigns. We soon realized that using mobile as a one-off campaign strategy has low donor conversion rates and can actually leave your personal nonprofit fans hankering for more interaction or opportunities to give. In other words, nonprofits were ultimately losing the mobile game due to the lack of a long-term strategy.

Coaching point: If your supporters subscribe to your mobile campaign, they want to hear from you. If you aren’t cultivating those supporters, then you can bet some other nonprofit is, which means ultimately your “team” will lose out on those relationships

Step 2: Decide how to make Decisions

A successful football team has a successful program to get them to the Super Bowl. The teams that rise to that level have great coaches and a strong commitment to do what it takes to win. We understand that nonprofits may not have a mobile team, but you need to have someone committed to your mobile goals. While mobile isn’t ‘hard,’ it does take time, practice and some work – just like any goal you are trying to achieve.

Coaching point: There are high percentage plays in football and there are best practices in mobile. Many nonprofits have gone before you in regards to mobile, and you can learn a lot by looking at what has worked for them and what hasn’t… So take the ideas that will work for your team and make them your own. By the way - using the same play in every game won’t work and neither will sticking with just one way to use text.

Step 3: Find an identity

You already have your cause, and probably have a pretty strong identity built around that. Your mobile community will also take on its own personality within your organization.  But a strong identity has to be cultivated. So ask your community what they want from your organization through mobile. How can they support your team? You might think you know what they are interested in, but it’s best to ask them and know for sure.

Coaching Point: Sure - every team has a mascot and specific colors as part of their identity. But it’s those teams that cultivate a broader identity that really stand out to their fans. The Peyton-Brady rivalry always gets both sides pumped. And the Broncos rivalry with the Raiders is one for the books. Why are these rivalries so big? Because, they bring the fans into a bigger story -- much like what mobile does for your organization. It helps drive your story and get your audience psyched about supporting what you do.

Step 4: Find a Quarterback

Your mobile quarterback is going to be who takes care of your mobile campaigns. If you have someone on your team that is a text engagement and fundraising whiz, great! But most likely you need to identify the right quarterback for your team – and then figure out who can support them.

Ok, shameless plug and football reference all in one here. Get ready! (Or for you Denver fans, should we say Omaha!?!?)

mGive is part of your Super Bowl team. We have the knowledge and the expertise to coach you to success. We will help your quarterback shine because we know what works and what doesn’t.

So, when you are on the path to your mobile Super Bowl, make sure you talk with your account manager. Your mobile quarterback needs to understand the game as well as be able to play it – and we will help get them there.

Step 5: Get Lucky

Ok, so this one is more of a myth. While luck may help you win the game when playing football, it won’t get you nearly as far in mobile. Using mobile as a Hail-Mary approach, i.e. adding it in as a last minute tactic, may get you a few donations; but it’s not going to do much for your supporter acquisition and retention strategy long-term. With a well thought out approach, strong coaching and analysis of your mobile program, you can’t lose in your own mobile Super Bowl.

So, now you know how to win the mobile Super Bowl. Luckily, mobile is much less intense than football, – but it can feel just as good to win at it! If you have any questions about your mobile “game,” we are always ready to talk to you (no matter what team you are rooting for this Sunday)!

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