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Maximizing Engagement, Acquisition, & Fundraising #During Your Events

Posted by Jonathan Bray on Jun 9, 2016 3:05:23 PM

When your supporters are finally at your event, face-to-face, it’s really important to make the most out of that time by communicating all the outcomes you’re seeking.

Don’t leave anything on that proverbial table!

One common thing that can go wrong at a fundraising event is that people get caught up in all the fun you’ve planned and forget that’s it’s actually about fundraising!

Sweet Mountain of Juniper Berries!

That’s why we recommend over-communicating with your audience.

You don’t want them to be figuring out things, you don’t want it to be a chore for them. Let them know exactly what to expect, and what you want them to do right when they show up.

You don’t want anybody to feel like, ‘Hey we’re here, but we don’t know what to do??!”.

Herd them cats!

Let them know where they should go, what they should do, and what they should do next.

Utilize your emcee, posters, signage, photobooth, digital communications to tell them EXACTLY what to do. The most crucial moment to get everyone feeling good at an event is right when they show up. I’ve heard that herding cats is difficult, but thankfully these brave herders are up to the challenge… so have faith. We believe in you!


Use all your communication methods to get your attendees registered at a table and talking with one of your cheerful team members, volunteers, or supporters. Get them their raffle ticket, drink, name tag, auction paddle, what-have-you… and make sure they feel welcome and a part of the community right off the bat.

Maximizing Engagement & Fundraising at an Event

So remember how we said if people get caught up in the fun of the event, they might forget it’s a fundraising?

UTILIZE and REPEAT effective calls-to-action often throughout your event. Especially when some baby kittens stray from the fundraising path.

Be sure to include your mission moments to remind them what it’s all about.

Some people feel bad about repeating that ask for money, “I’ve already asked, I don’t want to keep interrupting people” they may think…

But remember, all that hard work that went into planning and promoting the event.

If the event is about fundraising, then fundraise!

Don’t feel bad about asking for money multiple times. The first time you delivered a fundraising appeal some people hadn’t even shown up yet… or some people were busy signing in, chatting with a good friends, getting a drink, using the restroom…you get the picture.

Remember if it’s a fundraising event, it’s about the mooolahh…


Repeat your call to action by gaining everyone’s attention and utilizing audio AND visual cues to drive that engagement. #Vocalage #Signage

If you’re utilizing text calls to action, which is the easiest way to get a crowd to take action at an event, with the mGive platform, you can encourage people to take out their cellphones, raise them high, and text your KEYWORD to your SHORTCODE. See if Text to Give vs Text to Donate would be better for your nonprofit.

Whoooooa! Corny Cornflakes Capt’n... we just encountered some mobile vocabulary in the wild!

But that’s just to say something like, “text MGIVE to 50555, that’s M-G-I-V-E to 50555.” <--Go ahead try that out! (Message and data rates may apply.)

Your goal should be to get every single person who attends your event to do something else… to engage further with your organization.

If they can’t donate $100:
  • Ask them to join your mobile / email list, ask them to volunteer.
  • Ask them to share about the great work your organization does with their friends, family, and social networks.
  • Ask them to commit to coming to your next event.
  • Ask them to share their story or yours.
You don’t have to always raise funds by shouting at people from the front... incorporate silent auctions, contests, memorabilia, raffles, etc. But one things for sure…

“Make your audience own the goal.”
-Yoseph Assefa, Event Promoter Especial
(Checkout our interview with Yoseph here)

Break Down Your Goal


...and allow your ralliers to be apart of it!

Tell ‘em how much you’re looking to raise, divide it out by the people in attendance and communicate that with them. E.g. if you’re looking to raise $50k from the event and there are 250 people there… Let them know if everyone donated $250… you’d make your goal and be done with it.

Then call them to action!
  • “Everyone pull out your phones and text…”
  • “Head over to see Jimmy at the donation stand and give...”
  • “Want updates and upcoming event info? Sign up for our email list!”

Be sure to remind them what it’s all about when doing so… the great work your organization does for your community!

Cock-a-doodle-do. You did it. You’re the greatest call-to-action-eer ever!!!


OK, so now you’ve thoroughly engaged people at your event, there’s still a huge opportunity awaiting you after your event...

Stay tuned for the last article in this Event Series about tips & tricks to Maximize Further Engagement after your event. And if you missed the first blog in the series, 3 Underused Focal Points to Get Your Event Ducks in a Row, Catch it here!

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