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mSpiration: 6 ways to follow up with mobile

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Feb 6, 2014 1:30:00 PM


6-ways-to-follow-up-with-mobileJulia Campbell at J Social marketing posted an excellent blog on how to follow up after #GivingTuesday, see her post here. We loved her list, and decided to add our own mobile twist for following up with #GivingTuesday -- or any other fundraising push.

  1. Send thank you notes immediately. With mobile, you can create a thank you message to be sent to your donors as soon as they complete their donations. If those donors have also opted-in to your mobile community, then you can use their information to send them more targeted thank you messages. Campbell puts it very nicely on her blog:
    “There is going to be another big thing tomorrow to capture their minds. You want to stay in the forefront of their minds and make sure they feel appreciated while you have their attention.”
  2. Encourage donors to spread the word. With mobile this couldn’t be easier! Use our mGive Social Share tool to craft messages for donors to share with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Encourage them to show their support and encourage their friends to get involved.
  3. Create a short Storify. Whether it’s Storify or any other channel of communication; the key here is to integrate. Get the word out, and highlight those supporters that are already promoting your cause.
  4. Keep a separate list of the #GivingTuesday donors. It’s a common misconception that mobile donations are anonymous. In reality it’s only anonymous if you let it be. Ask your supporters to opt-in to your mobile community then ask them to share information about themselves and how they want to be contacted. You can use this information to segment them into a special #GivingTuesday group, or segment this list even further and send them information relevant to what they are interested in. Text messages are received between family and friends, so message accordingly to stay relevant with your individual supporters, donors and donor prospects!
  5. Celebrate! “Update your supporters on how much your organization raised and whether or not you met your goal. If you met it, then celebrate! If you are close, explain what needs to be done to get to the goal in the next few days,” Campbell says. Text is an easy way to communicate your goals and achievements with your mobile community. If they gave you their mobile number, then they want to hear from you - update them and let them know how they can help!
  6. Demonstrate impact. #GivingTuesday is a great way to show how your organization is changing the world, but we know you don’t only help on one day. Ask your mobile community what they want to hear about and how they want to help, and then send them information they are interested in.  

For more tips on using mobile, check out You Don’t Need a Hurricane to Use Mobile.

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