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The Donor’s Journey: From First Click to Loyal Supporter

Posted by Elizabeth Same on Mar 28, 2014 1:15:00 PM


Phone_and_keyboarddrew Wallace (yes - he spells his name with a little d!), Inbound Marketing Consultant for HubSpot, joined our own Angela Whaley, mGive Client Experience Director and Yosuke Carter, mGive’s Marketing Manager, to discuss the mobile donor’s journey. The webinar was full of great tips and tricks for turning anonymous website clicks into loyal constituents.

In case you didn’t make the webinar, check out the slides and recording here! Below are just a few highlights from our hour long discussion.

One unifying message rang true for both website and mobile strategies, no matter who was presenting: you have to know your audience. Find out what they like, what they want and how to motivate them. You can only learn those things by asking questions and using data to analyze their actions, whether it is online or through mobile.

Yosuke kicked off the webinar with a preface to Joseph Campbell’s the Hero’s Journey. The journey involves 17 stages or steps that most characters go through from the initiation to the return of a hero who has set out to achieve great things on behalf of a group.

drew used Luke Skywalker to represent the similarities between the Hero’s Journey and the Donor’s Journey. As Campbell suggests, there are several key catalysts in every story from an event that triggers the journey (like a mobile call-to-action that a new supporter sees) to how the story ends (like that supporter becoming a life-long cause champion).

drew and Angela covered the difference between static websites and dynamic content, SEO, call-to-action’s and other website fundamentals, and then identified where mobile entry points fit into the donor’s path in order to keep building those relationships.

We wrapped up the conversation with strategies for success with some strong measurements and tools that your organization can use. For instance, segment your mobile audience and use that data just as you would segment your email list to target specific supporters. Use tools like HubSpot and Google Analytics to really get to know your audience so you can build loyal, long-term relationships.

Obviously all of the juicy information is in the slides and the webinar recording, so make sure you download both of those to fully understand how the donor’s journey ties to your organization!  

Did you tune-in to our webinar? What other ideas/ strategies do you have to cultivate relationships and turn anonymous supporters into loyal donors? Share your thoughts and comments below. 

mGive Nonprofit Webinars: The Mobile Donor's Journey

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