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The Inspire Change Podcast, Reborn

Posted by Ethan Kotel on Apr 3, 2017 1:53:35 PM


Inspire Change: A Podcast for Nonprofits

It is my privilege to present to you: The Inspire Change Podcast. 

Inspire Change Podcast Artwork.jpg


The Inspire Change Podcast is designed to help nonprofits learn how to raise more funds, increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, and reach new donors and volunteers through conversations with the people who make it all happen.


Brought to you weekly, each episode will introduce you to a new voice in the nonprofit sector, and teach you new and valuable lessons in marketing, audience segmentation, search engine optimization, content creation, and more as we seek to teach you all we know about how to make a nonprofit successful. 


Guests include nonprofit professionals, corporate leaders who work with nonprofits, spiritual leaders, marketing gurus, and more, all of whom have offered up their time and expertise to teach us new and exciting things about nonprofit life.

Join us as we explore the wilderness of the 21st century nonprofit sector. 


Check it out here. The Inspire Change Podcast is also available on iTunes and everywhere else podcasts are found.



If you enjoy the show, please leave us a rating on iTunes. Ratings help other people find us, so that they too can learn everything there is to know about nonrpofit marketing.

Thanks for listening!




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