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Upcoming Event? Amplify Your Efforts Through Mobile!

Posted by Karen Mader on Mar 19, 2015 9:24:00 AM

At one point in time, the word “mobile” referred to a device that you used for only phone calls and text messages. A recent study by Pew Research Center found that 58% of American adults own a smart phone. With the use of smart phones becoming more prevalent, the word “mobile” has evolved into so much more. Think about all of the things you use your mobile phone for; checking emails, sending and receiving calls and texts, posting to social networks, sharing videos with friends, etc. Although people are now using their mobile phones to communicate through these additional channels, open rates for text messages still remain the highest. With 97% of people opening text messages, it is imperative to use this channel to amplify all of your other communication efforts.

So, how does this tie into your upcoming event?

Using the most direct form of communication to reach your constituents before, during, and after an event will demonstrate your commitment to providing them with the best user experience possible.

Mobile Engagement before an Event

You may be sending an email with event registration information to your email database. The current email open rate is 12%, meaning on average only 12% of your email database will actually open that email. Why not send a text message letting them know that they have an important email with registration information waiting for them in their inbox? Or better yet, send a text message with a link to your registration page so that they can register right there on their phone!

You can also get the word out about your event by sending your mobile subscribers a text that asks them to share your Facebook or Twitter post on their social networks. This can all be done right on their phones and it is a great way to get more eyes on your post.

You may be thinking that you won’t have enough time during your event to send out messages to your mobile subscribers because you will be focusing on the event itself. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. mGive offers the option to schedule multiple messages in advance. We also feature a way to segment your messages based on attributes that are relevant to your organization. For example, you can schedule event day messages to send to only people who have RSVP’d to your event.

Types of Mobile Campaigns at Events

There are several different types of mobile campaigns that can be implemented during your event. Deciding on what type of campaign to use, depends on the type of event you are having. It is also important to consider your audience to ensure the highest participation during your calls-to-action.

  • Text-to-Give: If you’re hosting an event with supporters who have different levels of engagement with your organization, it would be best to promote a $10 giving campaign.
  • Text-to-Give Online: If your event is a Gala or, an event that focuses on high dollar donations, it may be best to promote a text campaign that points people directly to your donation page on your website. This way people can make a donation of any amount using their credit card right from their seat. 
  • Text-to-Pledge: You could also promote a text campaign that asks for a pledge amount and lets the potential donor know that you will be following up after the event to complete their donation. This way, the potential donor does not have to take their credit card out until you follow up with them after the event.
  • Text-to-Join: If you do not want to focus on fundraising during your event, you could have event attendees join you mobile community to receive future updates from your organization. Updates could include volunteer opportunities, event information, petitions, surveys, etc.

Event Follow-up

It is a best practice to always thank the people who attended your event. A simple thank you can go a long way but, why stop there? In your thank you text message, include a link to a photo gallery or video taken during the event so that attendees can share their event experience with their friends.

These are just a handful of ways that mGive can help amplify your efforts and boost your existing campaigns. Remember, mGive is here to help you make your campaigns successful!
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