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mGive: Your Best Resource to Integrate Mobile Into Nonprofit Events

Posted by Karen Mader on Jun 1, 2015 10:00:00 AM


Integrating Mobile Into Nonprofit Event

Having a strong before, during and post event mobile plan can make a huge impact amplifying your results and providing a great user experience. We know that learning the ropes of a new communication and fundraising channel can be intimidating at first. Even if you are familiar with mobile campaign best practices, integrating them into your event can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! mGive realizes that in the nonprofit world, special events can pop up with little time to plan. That is why today I am here to share some of our insider knowledge to help you reach and exceed your event goals through mobile.

It is important to plan and engage your mGive Mobile Campaign Strategist early on in the event planning process. We can help you determine which mobile call-to-action will resonate best with your event audience. For example, at a gala event where tickets are expensive, a mobile donation call-to-action might not see as much participation as a text to join call-to-action. This is just one example of how an event planning session can be helpful.

Other event best practices include:

  • Include a visual and verbal call-to-action to maximize activation rates. People will be able to better understand what you are asking them to do if they hear it and see it.
  • Do it yourself!! Pull out your phone, ask everyone to do the same, repeat the call-to-action, and show everyone how easy it is to mGive. By following this process, you will bring attention to what you’re asking them to do. They will then also have their phone in hand when you deliver the call-to-action; and it will slow you down verbally while doing it with them. If the call-to-action is only mentioned quickly at the end of a script, supporters will have no time to realize what the call-to-action is, find their phones, start the text message, and remember the correct word and number.   Repeat the call-to-action verbally and bring attention to materials with the call-to-action presented visually to encourage the most participation. 
  • This is an appeal – explain why donating or joining your mobile community is important and valuable. Telling a potential donor or subscriber to text your keyword is only telling them what to do. Invite them to donate or subscribe for nonprofit updates via text to find out how they are making a difference. Customize your message with a strong appeal based on what resonates with your supporters.  Always provide a compelling reason to give, not just an easy way to give.
  • Give people enough time to act. Make sure your audience has enough time to take out their cell phone and text your keyword. Don’t just add the call-to-action at the end of a script.
  • Set expectations. If you are promoting a donation call-to-action, make sure to include that it is a two-step process and people will need to reply to complete their donation.
  • Practice Makes Perfect!  Encourage the individual presenting the call-to-action to review these talking points and make a donation or subscribe personally prior to the event. Going through the experience in advance will ensure a smooth public and personal call-to-action.
  • Be sure your call-to-action stands out. Format the KEYWORD and SHORT CODE in bold and in a different color from the rest of the text in your calls-to-action to ensure that they stand out. 
  • Be compliant. Carrier required disclaimer language must be on any marketing materials promoting your keywords. Be sure to include bolding & capital letters. Learn more about compliance here.
  • Get mGive Feedback. Provide all messaging or promotional materials with a donation call-to-action to your Mobile Campaign Strategist for approval. mGive can provide best practice and compliance review to avoid time consuming carrier compliance audits.

mGive is here to help support you by offering insight into mobile campaign strategy and planning. Reach out to your mGive Mobile Campaign Strategist today if you are thinking about using mobile for an upcoming event! You can also contact the mGive Quick Response Team at 1-866-720-3350 ext. 2 or at for immediate technical, compliance, and campaign questions.


 Integrate Mobile Into Nonprofit Event

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